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Add Another Scent!

A Warm Hello and Welcome to You!

I am Renee Walton, Certified Digital Marketer, Scentsy International Independent Consultant, and owner of Add Another Scent home fragrance web shop.

Scentsy is an internationally known brand and a leader in scented wax melts and decorative warmers.

Offering a wide range of stylish and innovative fragrance systems, Scentsy sells its products through a network of independent consultants spanning 11+ countries.

You are in luck! I work exclusively with Scentsy, and I am ready to help you select fun and fragrant items for your space. Scroll down to read my Scentsy story.




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Lovely to Meet You


Hello from Sunny California!
I am Renee, a fragrance enthusiast, boy mom, and Disneyland nerd.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what Scentsy means to me.

I received a Scentsy gift for my birthday in 2012. I have been completely hooked as a customer ever since. I love the scents, the variety of warmers, and that there is something new every month.

Over the years, I pondered becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant. I was always concerned that the market was saturated with consultants. But then I saw where Scentsy offered a way for me to get a free Air Purifier as part of a promotional business kit. I decided to give the Scentsy business opportunity a try in 2022.


After a few days as a new consultant, I could already see the financial growth potential and discovered that the market was hardly saturated. I found a couple of new customers right away! Can you believe there are still people who haven't heard of Scentsy? If you are also new to Scentsy, click here!

Welp, the rest is history. I'm now working towards an executive title with Scentsy.


If you want to order Scentsy products or start a Scentsy online business, I am here for ya!

Shop with meor  Contact me any time with your request.

I sell Scentsy to all United States, Canada, and Mexico areas.

I sponsor and mentor new Scentsy consultants in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Australia, and New Zealand. My expertise is digital marketing.


My consultant store defaults to the U.S., so if you are shopping from or joining the Scentsy business opportunity outside of the USA, please select your country before you begin.


Follow me @addanotherscent on Instagram and Pinterest to see which products I am having fun with this week!


Happiness and Success!

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Scent & Warmer of the Month

Shop our current Scent and Warmer of the Month products, available at a discount for this month only.

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