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Get Scentsy Host Rewards
With a Shopping Link!

Shop savvy!  Get a shopping link to share with friends and receive Scentsy host rewards!

Enjoy home party perks without the traditional home party!

How It Works

Earn Scentsy Host Rewards

When your shopping link accumulates $200 in sales, get FREE and half-priced products!

The more orders you accumulate, the bigger your host rewards!


*Only a few exclusions apply:--charitable cause products, licensed products, and some Bundle & Save offers. Also, product $85 -$189.99 requires two half-price items to save 50%, and product $190 and over requires three half-price items to save 50%.

Love the rewards, but want MONEY? You can apply your free product credit toward enrollment as a Scentsy Consultant to get a 20-25% commission!

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