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Renee's Scentsy VIP Newsletter

  • Want to know what my VIP customer specials are?

  • Did you miss the "New Product" announcement?

  • Want a notification when your favorite Scentsy item is back in stock?

Get exclusive insider deals!  Launching Jan 2023.

By subscribing to my newsletter you agree to receive periodic communications from your Scentsy Independent Consultant, Renee Walton.

Please, no Scentsy consultants. This newsletter is for my Scentsy VIP customers only.

Renee's Scentsy VIP Newsletter

There is only one way to get my exclusive VIP customer specials.  You have to subscribe to my newsletter!

No worries! I NEVER share or sell my email list to anyone, so your email is safe with me! 

You can also unsubscribe from my Scentsy VIP Newsletter anytime you want. No questions asked. But you won't want to because you'll miss next month's special.


Is the Scentsy VIP Newsletter the same as Scentsy Club?

Nope. In addition to any Scentsy Club deals, my newsletter shares specials that I have personally curated exclusively for my customers only. To read more information on subscribing to Scentsy Club click here.

Doesn't Scentsy send out a monthly newsletter to customers?

Yes! Once a month Scentsy sends out a general newsletter to customers who placed orders. But you will not receive access to my exclusive deals in the general newsletter. You can only see my curated specials on my VIP Scentsy Newsletter which is for my customers and prospective customers.

How often will I receive VIP Scentsy Newsletter announcements in my inbox?

I send out announcements once a week. I include what's happening now, and what is coming up the following month so you can plan your shopping.  From time to time, Scentsy will also have a Flash Sale. I will send out an additional announcement, so you don't miss that spectacular sale.


Please be considerate of my independent Scentsy business. This newsletter is for my Scentsy customers only. If you are a consultant and have business-related questions about how I manage my newsletter, please shoot me an email.  I'll be happy to share my resources with you. 

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