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Scentsy Club

Join Scentsy Club and Never Run Out of Your Favorites!

Scentsy Club Subscription Service

Never run out of your favorites again. Scentsy Club lets you schedule regular shipments of Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff that runs out, including light bulbs) delivered directly to you, so you get it before you run out.

You don’t have to get a monthly delivery unless you want to. You can schedule your shipment to be delivered monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Whichever fits your schedule best.

Here’s the best thing about the Scentsy Club:

  • Keep receiving your favorite wax melt scent, even if it is discontinued

  • Edit or add to your order at any time up to 10 days before your scheduled shipping date

  • Receive 10% off when your order reaches $30

  • Receive 50% off one product when your order reaches $60, Including the sample whiff box!

  • Earn shopping points toward products

  • Earn additional shopping points towards products when you share your Scentsy Club referral link

  • Receive happy mail with seasonal scent samples from me every month!

Ready to Learn More?  Let's Go!

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