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Scentsy Simple Laundry Routine

Whether you’re a household of one or many, those piles of laundry can seem endless and leave you feeling overwhelmed! So, are you looking for a simple laundry routine that saves you both time and headaches? If the answer is yes, Scentsy is here to the rescue!

Scentsy Laundry Routine .jpg

Scentsy prides itself on offering multi-use cleaning products to make your life easier. Plus, when you’re enjoying our signature long-lasting fragrances, doing laundry can transform from an annoying chore to a relaxing experience.


Let’s take a look at some of the best Scentsy products to create a simple laundry routine. Everything is available right in my store, here for your convenience.

Laundry Liquid

Scentsy’s Laundry Liquid features a powerful stain- and dirt-fighting six-enzyme formula that leaves your clothes sparkling clean. Use a little bit of Laundry Liquid to spot clean stains before tossing them in the wash - no additional stain stick necessary! How’s that for multi-tasking?


Choose from a variety of scents, including fruity Black Raspberry Vanilla, sparkling citrus-floral Coral Waters, or peaceful Lavender Cotton. Each 20 oz bottle holds enough for 50 loads of laundry.



Scent Soft Fabric Softener

Just can’t get enough of Scentsy’s fragrances? Add Scent Soft Fabric Softener to your next load and enjoy soft, delicious-smelling clothes and linens. Not only does Scent Soft soften, it also reduces static. Win-win!

Scentsy offers a variety of delicious scents such as grass and floral-infused Clothesline or dreamy, vanilla-berry-peach Cloudberry Dreams. One 32 oz bottle is enough for 25 medium loads of laundry.



Washer Whiffs

My simple laundry routine is adding Washer Whiffs. It is the perfect way to freshen up towels, sheets, or stinky gym clothes. Just add a scoop to your washing machine and not only will it add long-lasting fragrance to your fabrics, but it can also help keep your washing machine smelling clean and fresh.

You can choose from a 16 oz or 48 oz tub of scented, dissolving Washer Whiff beads. Scents like Amazon Rain’s citrus-floral notes or Magnolia Linen's breezy garden of magnolia and honeysuckle will leave your clothes and bedding smelling magical.



Dryer Disks

Toss a Dryer Disk into the dryer with your next load of laundry. Not only does this reusable plastic disk add fragrance and freshness, it also helps eliminate static so you won’t have to worry about your clothes causing electric shocks and flyaway hair.

Since each disk can be used at least fifteen times (or until the scent fades), it’s also a great value for your money! Jammy Time’s scents of lavender, freesia, and sweet pea will delight your senses, or you can choose something more invigorating like musky, sultry Palm Beach Breeze.



Now, go pull your load of Scentsy-cleaned laundry out of the dryer, luxuriate in the warmth, softness, and fragrance, and then find someone else to fold it! You already did the hard part, right? You deserve it and it's the best and simple laundry routine ever!



So many perfect selections! Visit my Scentsy Store for all your gift-giving needs.

Thank you for shopping with me! Renee Walton | Scentsy Independent Consultant

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