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Scentsy Wax Hacks

Scentsy addicts know a few wax hacks for switching out scents and playing with various fragrance combinations. It's just our way of life.


But for the novice Scentsy user, it could be a bit tricky to swap the melted wax scents. But never fear! I'm sharing the best ways to easily swap your wax.


5 Scentsy Wax Hacks to Help You Have Fun with Your Fragrance Bars


Cotton Cleanup Pads

The number one hack is to add a pack of Scentsy Cotton Cleanup pads to your next order. They are the easiest way to clean your Scentsy warmer.


The Cotton Clean Up pads are perfectly sized for the warmer dish and can absorb four cubes worth of wax.


They come in a pack of 25 for $10, and if you add them to your Scentsy Club subscription, you could receive additional discounts and perks.


Paper Towels and Cotton Balls

Soak up melted wax with an absorbent paper towel or drop a cotton ball in the warmer dish (typically one cotton ball per cube of wax) and let it soak up the wax, then remove and toss it in the trash. Now your trash smells good!


Soft and Slide

Turn on your warmer and let the cold wax get soft but not liquid. It will then slide out of the dish right into the trash in one piece.


Cool and Pour

Pour cooled but still liquid wax into the trash (never in the sink drain or toilet), then wipe the warmer dish clean with a paper towel.


Pry and Pop

When the wax is cool and hardened, use a Scentsy plastic spatula from your consultant to easily pop it out of the dish.


Or, if you don’t have a consultant and can’t wait for me to hook you up, try using the top of the plastic clamshell that holds the wax bars, wooden chopsticks, or a plastic citrus/veggie peeler to pry and pop out the wax.


But do not use a knife or other metal tool because it could scratch or crack the dish-voiding your warranty or worse, it could slip and hurt you.



So many perfect selections! Visit my Scentsy Store for all your gift-giving needs.

Thank you for shopping with me! Renee Walton | Scentsy Independent Consultant

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