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Why Customers Choose Scentsy

Customers choose Scentsy over other melts and candles because they know it’s a safe, wick-free system. There is no risk of fire from an open flame, nor is the wax hot to the touch.

But there are other reasons too:

Why Customers Choose Scentsy


Personable Service

Scentsy consultants, like me, love to talk about anything Scentsy. When consultants love what they do, customers receive the reward of fun and personable service.


Overall Well-Being

Aromatherapy plays a considerable part in our overall well-being. Scents can alter our mood by giving us a sense of calm, balance, comfort, cheer, or energy, making it perfect for kids and pets too!


Smells Soooo Good

Scentsy fragrances smell soooo good. Instead of using a flame for heat, Scentsy melts are gently heated with a low-watt bulb which means we can add more fragrant oil to the melts.


No Flame

Since our products don’t require fire, you’ll never have to deal with smoke, soot, or the fear of an accidental fire.



The number one reason customers choose Scentsy is that there is something for everyone. Along with various styles of warmers, Scentsy offers fragrance in wax melts, bath and body products, essential oils, cleaning, laundry, pet products, and non-plug-in items for the car, office, or travel like fans, scent paks, and air purifiers.

So many perfect selections! Visit my Scentsy Store for all your gift-giving needs.

Thank you for shopping with me! Renee Walton | Scentsy Independent Consultant

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